Touch panels offer personalised smart home experience

Carlsbad, Ca

The latest Nortek Security & Control, award-winning 8” and 12” Elan Intelligent Touch panels use built-in face recognition and voice control technology to enable a personalised experience for each member of the household.

“Personalisation has always been at the heart of the Elan control experience,” said Elan Product Line Manager Jeff Shaw, “and with the Intelligent Touch Panels, we have elevated the personalised experience unlike anything available in the custom installation industry today.” It seems the industry has agreed; the Intelligent Touch Panel won four awards at CEDIA 2019, the Custom Installation Industry’s annual big event, including a CEDIA Best New Product award.

Each new Intelligent Touch Panel starts with a high-resolution touch screen. Face recognition technology and the on-board camera enable the panel to respond to individual users with a personalised menu of control options, and even with automated scenes – combinations of media, climate, lighting and other settings – personalised for each user. The Intelligent Touch Panel features a dual digital MEMS microphone-array enabling exceptional voice control for the Elan system, with flexibility that lets users choose their preferred voice interface – including Amazon Alexa – without needing to fill the house with voice assistant hardware.

Both the 8” and 12” Intelligent Touch Panels display high-resolution video, ideal for monitoring and playback from Elan surveillance cameras and NVR. Two-Way Audio and Video enable exceptional communication with the Elan Intelligent Video Doorbell, paging, and Elan Intercom.

Installation is simplified as the Elan system auto-discovers the Intelligent Touch Panels on the network and auto-configures them with just a click. Each panel mounts using a standard 2 gang (US) box, which means no custom bracket is required. The interactive panels connect to the Elan controller over Wifi or via category cable, and can be powered locally with a 12VDC power supply or using Power over Ethernet (PoE).

“Our goal is to make the home control experience more than just smart, and more than just connected,” continued Shaw. “With advances like the Elan Intelligent Touch Panels, we’re making the smart home experience intuitive, personalised, and indeed… intelligent.”


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