Stanley Security launches retail software with integrated surveillance

Indianapolis, In

Stanley Security is introducing Trends, an exception-based reporting and video surveillance solution for retail organisations. The solution allows corporate leaders and managers to drive operational efficiency while maintaining strong business ethics inside the company.

“Trends automates many of the day-to-day tasks that managers juggle,” said Matt Kushner, president of Stanley Product Solutions. “The solution helps accelerate leadership decision making by allowing them to focus more time on the actual business.”

Designed for flexibility to scale regionally and nationally, Trends leverages exception-based insights combined with surveillance footage to uncover inefficient processes. The retail software can be quickly customised to each unique retailer’s business model, point-of-sale system and reporting needs from multiple data sources.

“Our solution is continuing to evolve and will soon include predictive analytics,” said Kushner. “While extracting patterns and outcomes from our beta test data, we experienced an even greater increase in productivity that our customers will benefit from.”

There are multiple pain points that can be relieved by three featured benefits of Trends:

It provides timely data which allows executive leadership to engage in better decision- making with the help from clear, customisable and easy-to-use dashboards that report values across daily inputs, processes and activity.

It reduces unknown theft by identifying broken processes, data discovery shows point-of-purchase successes and challenges. This eliminates frustration between departments and helps potentially expose organised crime activity.

And finally, it incorporates video surveillance.  The advanced video visualization decreases operating expenses across the company. This provides corporate loss prevention teams with the documentation needed for asset protection criminal cases and prosecuting thieves.

With the integration of the solution, Trends customers will be able to understand point-of-sale challenges and determine which locations may need additional strategic planning.

“With the click of a button, Trends can help you prioritise how to improve your retail customer experience” continued Kushner. “Many software alternatives on the market only include exception-based reporting. By leveraging video to accelerate decision making, retailers can use the intelligence to reduce both malicious and non-malicious retail loss.”


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