Sightlogix releases new browser-based interface

Princeton, NJ

Sightlogix Webconfig initial login screen

Sightlogix has launched Webconfig, an intuitive, browser-based interface for configuring Sightsensor smart thermal cameras.

“Sightlogix set-and-forget, never-tune analytics reduce the cost and complexity of outdoor security,” said John Romanowich, Sightlogix president and CEO. “Webconfig enhances these key capabilities with an easy-to-use interface that reduces the time and effort to achieve unparalleled outdoor security.”

The initial version of Webconfig supports Sightsensor HD, the affordable thermal-visible detection camera announced last October. Future releases of Webconfig will support the entire Sightlogix product line.

WebCcnfig includes a range of innovations to streamline the setup process, allowing users to calibrate cameras, configure key parameters and create accurate video analytic detection rules quickly and easily.

Key features include automatic size calibration, which allows the engineer to just enter the camera’s height off the ground and the Sightsensor’s advanced processing automatically calculates the actual size of all objects in the field of view. Knowing an object’s true size is foundational for video analytic detection accuracy. While Sightsensors have supported map-based georegistration since their inception, Webconfig’s no-map option reduces the setup time to seconds.

Webconfig includes pre-built, comprehensive policies for detecting human-sized targets. With a single click, zones are superimposed on a snapshot of the camera’s thermal image, and the installer can adjust a zone’s shape directly in the browser. New zones can be added to mask high traffic areas, or policies added that detect intruders based on size, speed or direction, among other powerful combinations.

Webconfig provides easy-to-use drop-down fields for connecting a VMS and Sureview Systems’ Immix platform for remote guarding applications. Sureview-specific features include pre and post-trigger video clips that are automatically sent to a monitoring centre along with live video, providing critical details so operators can assess a situation in real time.

A test button is also provided that simulates an alarm for troubleshooting system connectivity and set up is guided with embedded help. Upon initial login, Webconfig presents steps to configure the camera so the integrator can start detecting. Additionally, every setting in Webconfig includes embedded mouse-over tooltips that explain each feature and their proper use.

Webconfig also includes easy access to the Sightlogix support portal with documentation, setup videos and troubleshooting tips.


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