Pinnacle 9 built on 35 year legacy

Runnemede, NJ

Pinnacle 9 from Sielox is an advanced access control and event management software platform for Windows providing users with an expandable and highly functional solution. Built upon the Sielox access control innovation legacy of more than 35 years, Pinnacle 9 includes multiple layers of scalable control for small office environments to global corporations with multiple buildings and unique access requirements.

Pinnacle 9 is available in five configurations – Ultra, Lite, Standard, Plus, and Professional – to manage access control needs today and to expand with an organisation’s needs.

Pinnacle is a feature-rich access control and event management system designed for ease of use. Cardholder database management and access level assignment is made simple through easy to navigate tabs or by an automated scheduler in conjunction with Pinnacle Data Exchange to automate additions, deletions and modifications of any cardholder data record. A display of access and alarm events are available in realtime via the Pinnacle event monitor, utilising up to four window views for unequalled control and flexibility. A wide range of event filters manage the display and provide alarm notifications via pop-up, e-mail and *.wav settings.

As part of the Sielox Core Products line, Pinnacle 9 and 1700 have been developed to meet user requirements from entry level to enterprise-wide systems. The marriage of advanced management software with an advanced controller from a single vendor has been a proven technology and application success since 1979. Legacy 32-bit, 16-bit and 8-bit controllers are also supported so no existing controllers are left behind, protecting the security technology investment.

Sielox 1700 controllers and Pinnacle version 9 can support up to 32 wireless locks in addition to the two hard wired doors/readers per controller. Wireless lock solutions are an effective technology that dramatically reduces installation costs of traditional hard-wired access control doors by incorporating the Lock, Request to Exit, Door Status Switch and Reader in one complete package. Installation of this wireless door package virtually eliminates the need for wiring while recognising significant time saving installation on a typical door – usually in less than an hour.

Pinnacle also features an optional web client allowing users to manage and monitor their system from any computer or mobile device. Upgrades are made at the server; there is no need to upgrade workstation software. Pinnacle can be launched from a browser on Windows, Linux, Android or Apple devices.


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