Nortek adds to Mightymule series

Carlsbad, Ca

Nortek Security & Control LLC (NSC), a global leader in the security, smart home automation, access control and personal digital health markets, today introduced a new product line of DIY installed garage door openers (GDO) under the Mighty Mule brand.

The Mighty Mule Smart GDO reduces the complexity and brings three industry-firsts to the DIY garage door opener market including: ease of installation and use, high performance and ultra-quiet user experience and mass market adoption. With robust performance, a complete set of smart voice skills, as well as advanced belt drive design, the Mighty Mule Smart GDO series represents all the hallmarks of a true flagship NSC product.

“Mighty Mule Smart GDO was developed in response to customers’ request for easier installation, reliable Wifi connection between the opener and the router, and seamless integration with their existing smarthome controllers like Amazon Alexa ,” said John LaFond, VP of Product Development at Nortek Security & Control. “We are once again advancing the product category by delivering the versatility of an easy-to-install garage door opener and a smartphone app in one ultra-quiet device.”

According to NSC, the Mighty Mule far exceeds other garage door openers on the market simply because of the app and voice activation experiences that span across all platforms from Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and IFTTT. It is as easy as asking Alexa or Google to open or close your garage door.


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