New Altronix switch supports 4 IP access controllers

Brooklyn, NY (USA)

The new Altronix Netway5B

The new Netway5B 5-port hardened switch from Altronix is a compact IP switch, designed to mount in virtually any Altronix enclosure and easily combines multiple IP devices over a single Ethernet cable – back to the head-end. It is especially suitable for use with the Trove series where multiple IP access controllers from the industry’s leading manufacturers are deployed.

“Altronix continues to enhance our portfolio of Netway Solutions with innovative products that provide system designers and installers with highly cost-efficient and effective means to expand their customers’ security,” said Alan Forman, President, Altronix Corporation. “Our new Netway5B 5-port hardened switch features the proven quality and reliability Altronix is known for.”

Netway5B greatly reduces installation costs by eliminating the need and costs associated with running dedicated cables for each deployed device. It features five 10/100/1000 data ports with speed/activity LED indicators, and is powered via PoE or any 12 or 24VDC UL listed power source. 

Also available is the BR1 mounting bracket, which lets you mount additional Altronix sub-assemblies to the enclosure’s side wall. It is compatible with the Netway5B, PD4UL(CB), PD8UL(CB), PDS8(CB), Linq8PD(CB), ACM4(CB), MOM5(CB) and VR6 to facilitate more devices and save enclosure space. This add-on mounting bracket, compatible with Trove and Maximal series enclosures, makes it even easier for system expansion.


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