Liveaction completes deeper integrations with Cisco eco system

San Francisco, Ca

Liveaction, the leader in network intelligence, has released deeper technology integrations within the Cisco ecosystem, further solidifying its commitment to empowering network and security operations teams with comprehensive, end-to-end network visibility, and packet capture forensics.

The foundation of these integrations is the certification of Livewire, Liveaction’s packet analysis solution, to run on high-performance Cisco Unified Computing Systems (UCS) C240 and S3260 servers. This certification enables Cisco customers to seamlessly deploy Livewire physical or virtual applications on their Cisco UCS hardware, unlocking unparalleled performance, storage density, and enhanced security and network visibility for Netops and Secops teams.

Liveaction’s deeper integrations within the Cisco ecosystem include:

  • Multiple data feeds from one appliance. 
  • Seamless flow to packet workflow. 
  • Liveaction sends ETA (Encrypted Traffic Analysis) flow to Cisco SNA. 
  • Unprecedented packet data storage. The next generation of packet storage is now available on Cisco UCS, allowing users to capture network packet data at scale, to store network packets that matter most, and to spend less time reproducing problems.

“These new integrations mark another significant milestone in our ongoing collaboration with Cisco and our commitment to providing Cisco users with the data and analysis they need to ensure the performance and security of their network,” said Francine Geist, CEO of Liveaction.


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