Lenel reduces authentication time with Bluediamond app

Las Vegas, Nv

The Lenel Bluediamond mobile ecosystem, a complete cloud-based, keyless mobile credential management platform from Lenel, continues making door access faster and more convenient with a new smartphone app that anticipates user’s door selections, reducing authentication time.

The Bluediamond mobile ecosystem includes an intuitive mobile app, innovative multi-factor Bluetooth and radio-frequency identification (RFID) readers, which are all tightly integrated into the company's Onguard security management platform to provide one-click issuance and management of mobile credentials.

The latest version of the smartphone app detects and shows nearby Bluediamond mobile readers on the home screen. Users can designate regularly accessed doors as favourites, placing them in a tray which makes the readers easier to locate. The mobile app’s quick connect feature pre-authenticates a favourite reader as a user nears a frequently used door, reducing the time to unlock the door.

Other features within the app include notification when approaching favourite doors even if the phone is locked while the app is active in the background. Users can also create custom names for each reader/door and hide seldom or never-used doors.

“The Bluediamond mobile ecosystem delivers a smart and flexible solution that enhances the organisation’s security measures. The mobile readers support both proximity cards and mobile credentials; and this flexibility helps users easily convert existing readers to Bluetooth-enabled readers or transition to mobile credentials in the future,” said Jeff Stanek, general manager, Lenel, North America.

The Bluediamond mobile ecosystem was the result of nearly two decades of expertise providing mobile credentials and keyless access solutions in wireless and cloud-based environments. The Bluediamond mobile readers support both proximity cards and smartphone credentials and the portfolio includes an optional add-on that can be installed near traditional card readers to add Bluetooth capability to existing installations.

“By using a proven mobile credentialing technology in conjunction with the versatile readers, users can gain the advantages of mobile credentials today,” Stanek said.

Bluediamond readers support mobile and wearable devices – including IOS smart devices, Apple Watch and Android.


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