Kisi launches two new access solutions

Brooklyn, NY

Kisi Inc., a leader in cloud-based access control solutions, has added two much-anticipated video-based additions to its suite of access control products. The full Kisi suite will now include video management and soon adding video intercom capabilities, elevating the range of products and services to a fully integrated all-in-one access control platform.

“We are ecstatic about this launch and the possibilities it brings to our current and future customers,” said Bernhard Mehl, Kisi’s Co-Founder and CEO. “This addition to our lineup will bring more control and customisation to the access control market, better securing spaces and protecting assets.”

The new Kisi Video Management System (VMS) brings more functionality to the product suite, including advanced surveillance capabilities. The Kisi VMS integrates with existing cameras and uses AI to detect every time someone enters your facility without tapping in. The VMS system provides access to real-time alerts and operational insights to prevent situations like tailgating and to help businesses increase safety and grow revenue.

The new Kisi Video Intercom System enables more secure building entry and enhanced communication experiences. It allows employees to better connect with people outside their space using crystal clear video and audio functionality. Admins can effortlessly answer calls and allow access from anywhere, 24/7.

Each of Kisi’s access control products offer intuitive and powerful security features. By connecting the products together under an all-in-one access control solution, businesses can take advantage of Kisi’s best-in-class capabilities to better connect their people and spaces. “At Kisi, we build products designed to empower our customers to keep their organizations safe, and transform the way they operate,” says Carl Pfeiffer, Kisi’s Co-Founder and CTO.

These two products add a new layer of data-enabled security solutions to existing access control setups, allowing customers to access real-time security-related intelligence from their devices anywhere in the world.


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