ISS releases latest version of VMS at GSX

Las Vegas, Nv

The latest release of Secur OS Video Management System was launched by Intelligent Security Systems (ISS) at GSX 2018 recently. The new Secur OS v.10 features an updated, highly intuitive GUI designed to accommodate multiple clients and the ability to easily manage large systems with infinite scalability.

Additional enhancements include a new web client for remote access, robust cyber security updates, 64-bit edition for faster throughput and larger capacity, enhanced native failover operations, H.265 Intel QSV support and a brand new Evidence Manager.

Secur OS v.10 is designed to seamlessly integrate with a host of powerful analytics developed by ISS. This unique combination allows ISS to offer a wide range of specialised packages to fulfill users’ specific physical security and business intelligence needs.

“ISS provides a more holistic approach to camera management and control by seamlessly integrating native analytics with our VMS platform, enabling us to provide users with truly innovative and unique solutions for their specific security challenges,” said Cody Flood, Vice President of North American Sales, ISS. “The release of Secur OS v.10 builds upon our powerful open platform with numerous enhancements designed to further facilitate ease of use for today’s more advanced and larger surveillance installations.”

Secur OS v.10 features a long list of new enhancements that increase ease of operation, performance and functionality, system scalability and security.

“ISS is a true provider of intelligent surveillance solutions that not only sees and documents events, but provides the rich data necessary to analyse what may otherwise be perceived as disparate events, and alerts management of impending threats. We refer to it as ‘intelligent video defined,” concluded Mr. Flood.


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