Ironyun all-in-one high security smart city solution

Hsin-chu, Taiwan and Stamford, Ct (USA)

Specialist AI deep learning technology company, Ironyun, will once again be exhibiting in Sweden at Sectech Stockholm 2019, taking place at the Stockholmsmässan, Stockholm from the 19th - 20th November, 2019, later this month.

Ironyun’s pre-trained and multimodal AI NVR is an all-in-one deep-learning-based video analytics platform. The company's AI NVR appliances have built-in artificial intelligence (AI) software and hardware with video search capability for fast, efficient search of video objects from video inputs including live streaming and video files stored in NVR/DVR devices.

The cost-effective and high-performance AI NVR supports all ONVIF IP-based cameras, real-time notification/alerts, live streams and forensic analytics. Up to 14 functions, all with real-time alerts, are available. The grouping of these functions into one single appliance saves time and money while providing perpetual convenience in building a unified Smart City.

The many functions of this AI NVR can be used across several settings in a city. Ironyun's smart-security solution has been deployed in various types of public areas in many countries, including police departments, college campuses and K-12 school districts in the US, hospitals and shopping centres in Asia, and even national parks.

The most common use cases are AI Weapon and Fire Detection models which help to provide the timeliest alerts in case of catastrophic events; (AI Face Recognition and License Plate Recognition are used for access control to open/close doors and gates in restricted-access areas; and Intrusion Detection can alert authorities and campus security of instances of trespassing in specific customisable regions of interest. Other special uses include detecting people, people counting, vehicle counting, face search, object search, ANPR or LPR and intrusion detection. 

According to Ironyun, the AI NVR has been well received in countries across the continents because of its versatility and efficiency. Ironyun’s headquarters is in Stamford, Ct. and support teams and distribution partners are available in 18 countries.


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