Invixium presents the future of multi-modal biometrics

Toronto, Canada

IXM Titan biometric range from Invixium

The new IXM Titan from Invixium has been designed with the aim of producing the most advanced biometric product ever engineered, reflecting Invixium’s drive to become the world leader in multi-purpose authentication solutions.

Titan is equipped with facial recognition as the primary biometric modality, fingerprint or finger vein authentication as the secondary and consolidates features for access control, time and attendance, video intercom and video surveillance into a single device that accommodates a diverse host of applications with efficiency and convenience.

Titan was conceived and engineered using a unique set of design parameters including comprehensive application versatility, simplicity of use and implementation, industry-leading processing power and aesthetics that clearly differentiate it from traditional biometric devices.

“Titan is a master stroke,” says Shiraz Kapadia, CEO and President of Invixium. “We engineered Titan to be an iconic biometric product; beautiful enough to be installed in luxury homes and corporates, extremely rugged for installation in the harshest environments, technologically futuristic to be an IoT connected device and security-focused with its multimodal and multifactor authentication versatility. The introduction of IXM Titan at ISC West is a milestone for Invixium as this marks our entry into North America with a plethora of biometric products and solutions,” adds Kapadia.


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