Invixium launches new all-in-one platform

Toronto, Canada

Invixium has released the new  IXM Web 2.1, a faster and more responsive version of the company's enterprise level management software platform. IXM Web 2.1 is 6X faster and designed to deliver seamless navigation and includes a variety of new features and numerous stability and performance related bug fixes.

According to the company the new platform incorporates some of the latest development technologies and the highest encryption standards for data privacy and secure communication, and was designed with the customer in mind.

The new software release IXM WEB 2.1 is available from Invixium online as an upgrade to existing customers with an Annual Support Contract (ASC). The ASC covers post-sales support from the Invixium Technical Services team for biometric products, software, IXM Customizations, various third-party products and integrations, as well as firmware and software updates that may include new features, enhancements and bug fixes. The ASC for the first 12 months is included in the purchase of the product or software.

IXM WEB 2.1 is not just a mere update but a major upgrade over all previous versions. While major upgrades are usually chargeable, as an exception, Invixium has decided to provide this new version free of charge, to all customers with an active ASC.

Invixium strongly recommends keeping IXM WEB and device firmware up-to-date to take advantage of new features, enhancements and bug fixes but also to ensure the security and stability of the installation is always maintained.

“The Invixium ASC delivers tremendous value,” said Shiraz Kapadia, CEO and President of Invixium. “Our desire is to continue providing an exceptional level of support that has differentiated us in the market. The revenue from ASC sales will be directly reinvested back to fuel the expansion of the Invixium Technical Services team and infrastructure to better serve our network of customers worldwide,” added Kapadia.

IXM WEB 2.1 will be 100% backwards compatible with Invixium’s full suite of biometric products, including legacy models to help customers transition to newer models.


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