Intelligent solutions for safe return to work

Woodbridge, NJ

ISS solutions include: Face X facial recognition, Face X temperature detection and Face X mask detection.

ISS, Intelligent Security systems, is offering a trifecta of solutions as part of its “Plan for a Safe Return to Work” initiative. Built to seamlessly operate on the ISS Secur OS platform, the solutions include: Face X facial recognition for touchless access control credentialing and authentication; Face X temperature detection to automatically measure individuals’ body surface temperature; and Face X mask detection to automatically detect the presence or absence of face masks which are increasingly required for admission into various facilities.

"Almost every organisation across every global region is faced with the same two challenges right now: how to emerge from widespread shutdowns and how to safeguard individual’s health and safety,” said Aluisio Figueiredo, CEO of Intelligent Security Systems. “ISS has harnessed the power of our Secur OS platform with new capabilities that help resolve these challenges in a fast and economical way.”

ISS Secur OS Face X face recognition has been designed to provide a high level of accuracy and personal safety, required for touchless access control credentialing and authentication. Combining the Face X real time recognitions with the ISS complex event processing engine, a multitude of reactions can come from a single event, including locking/opening doors, sounding alarms, playing pre-recorded messages, using data to voice to announce the name of individuals entering an area, creating cases in the HR system, etc. The list of options are almost endless.

Secur OS Face X has also been enhanced with automated contactless elevated body temperature detection to prevent potentially sick individuals from entering a facility while notifying administrators to take some form of predetermined action, such as administering a clinical temperature test using a thermometer. The temperature detection feature is easily implemented with one or multiple thermal cameras to help further protect personnel already safely admitted to a facility. Face X now also provides the ability to automatically detect the presence or absence of a face mask and issue alerts to administrators based on established Standard Operating Procedures.

Available as a bundled Plan for a Safe Return to Work solution or individually, these powerful ISS Secur OS solutions are offered to help businesses and organisations get up and running quickly with higher levels of confidence, safety, and security.


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