Immix introduces Autopatrol

Tampa, Fl

Immix has launched Autopatrol, a new automated solution for scheduled patrols or guard tours which uses artificial intelligence (AI) to detect threats or scene anomalies without the need for a physical central station or SOC operator to manually perform the patrol. In the event that an anomaly is detected, the Autopatrol and video analysis will be raised to a human operator to determine the next action to be taken.

Autopatrol is a cost-effective alternative or supplement to manual operator patrols, allowing centres to easily scale services without increasing headcount, creating efficiencies that enable service providers to better allocate workforce to tasks deemed more critical or revenue generating.

Immix has chosen Scylla as the first-ever Autopatrol partner to power this solution. This in-depth integration will allow Immix clients to leverage Scylla’s advanced AI solutions that enhance security, surveillance, and operational efficiency.

“Immix is very excited to announce the launch of Autopatrol. As the platform of choice for monitoring centers focused on delivering managed video services, it is important that we continue to develop solutions that make our partners more efficient and allow them to grow their business at the pace they wish. We believe Autopatrol fits that mold very nicely in that it improves resource efficiency allowing users to repurpose operators to more valuable, higher-margin services. In addition, this automated AI solution provides reliability and consistency and is not susceptible to operator subjectivity or burnout,” states Immix CEO, Chris Brown.

“We are thrilled to integrate Scylla’s cutting-edge AI technology with Immix Autopatrol as we’re ushering in a new era of remote guarding. This synergy represents the pinnacle of innovation, providing video monitoring centres with an unparalleled toolset for proactive security. Together, we’re shaping the future of surveillance, ensuring safer environments for all,” stated Scylla CEO Albert Stepanyan.


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