I-Pro to debut mini AI cameras in Atlanta

Rolling Meadows, Il and Atlanta, Ga

I-Pro Co Ltd will be highlighting its latest range of AI-empowered cameras and AI-based analytics at the GSX event in Atlanta, Georgia, next month.  I-Pro has focused its development on compact designs, easy installation and an open platform that supports industry-leading AI-based edge analytics, powered by Ambarella SoC’s. Equipped with high levels of cyber security, the new cameras represent some of the smallest form factors available on the market.

At GSX, attendees will be able to see the award-winning multi-sensor AI-enabled cameras equipped with up to four sensors. Capable of running four different deep learning AI applications at the edge, these multi-sensor cameras feature highly compact designs which provide more installation options.

Unveiled for the first time at GSX, the new S-series and cost-effective U-series pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) cameras will be on display. The S-series PTZs include built-in AI processing for advanced automatic tracking, making it much easier to follow objects of interest. These powerful PTZ cameras can run two different deep learning AI applications at the edge, further reducing load and server infrastructure costs.

Credit card sized camera

“When it comes to customer wish lists for modern security cameras, nobody asks for them to be bigger and more visible,” says Adam Lowenstein, Director of Product Management at I-Pro Americas Inc. “With that in mind, we’re looking forward to showing our latest multi-sensor cameras which are only as high as the width of a credit card. Our new PTZs have shrunk as well, and the I-Pro mini camera is truly in a class by itself as it effectively disappears within its surroundings.”

A live demo of I-Pro’s Active Guard will show how the plug-in turns a video management system (VMS) into a powerful search engine capable of real-time searches or conducting deep forensic analysis on Video Insight, Genetec and Milestone systems. The user interface allows operators to easily set up sophisticated search parameters based on 44 object attributes with classic analytic parameters.

GSX attendees will see live demos of I-Pro’s multi-sensor and AI auto-tracking PTZ integration. The multi-sensor camera detects a target and sends an alarm to the PTZ. It then moves to the preset position, locks onto the target and starts tracking the object using unique object attributes for enhanced accuracy. There will also be live demos of camera installation enhancements making it faster and easier for channel partners (SIs) to deploy in the field, saving time and expense.

Not all AI is the same

While AI-based analytics are sure to continue as a hot topic at GSX, I-Pro stresses that it is also important to realise that not all AI functionality is implemented the same. “AI-based analytics at the edge are only as good as the integration with the VMS. I-Pro AI analytics are not only edge-based, meaning fast and low bandwidth, but they are also the most accurate in the industry because we detect 44 different object attributes,” says Lowenstein. “This allows security officers to proactively respond to real events and not false positives. And for forensic analysis, the more attributes you can detect about an object, the faster you can narrow your search. Edge AI technology is also utilised for image quality enhancement and bandwidth control and only AI camera manufacturers can offer that.”


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