Hikvision upgrades VCA 3.0 for bi-spectrum thermal cameras

City of Industry, Ca

Hikvision enhances VCA 3.0 to integrate with Heatpro bi-spectrum thermal cameras Image courtesy of Hikvision USA

Hivision has unveiled a significant upgrade to its Heatpro bi-spectrum thermal cameras with the integration of VCA 3.0. This improvement introduces a range of advanced features designed to enhance performance, detection, and accuracy, further solidifying Hikvision’s commitment to providing innovative security solutions.

"Hikvision’s new VCA 3.0 update for our Heatpro bi-spectrum thermal cameras sets a new standard in security technology. By integrating intelligent deep learning algorithms and advanced analytics, we deliver unparalleled accuracy and efficiency in threat detection, ensuring our customers have the most reliable protection available," said John Xiao, Vice President of Marketing, Hikvision USA. “The addition of VCA 3.0’s self-learning calibration and distillation model further enhances our cameras' performance, leaving more time for true fire prevention and other critical security measures."

The VCA 3.0 upgrade brings enhanced algorithms that significantly improve processing power and efficiency, allowing for greater accuracy in detecting and analysing potential threats. VCA 3.0 ensures that the cameras can operate effectively in all weather conditions, providing reliable performance regardless of environmental challenges. The intelligent VCA setup has been simplified, making the configuration process more straightforward and user-friendly. This allows users to quickly and easily set up their systems to maximize the benefits of the advanced features.

According to Hikvision this new enhancement ensures that accurate alarms are now more precise, reducing false positives and ensuring that genuine threats are promptly identified and addressed. The distillation model introduced in VCA 3.0 offers advanced filtering capabilities, ensuring that the most relevant data is highlighted for security personnel. The self-learning calibration feature allows the system to adapt and improve over time, continuously enhancing its performance. Combined event alarms integrate multiple event triggers, offering a cohesive and comprehensive alert system that ensures no critical event goes unnoticed.


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