Hikvision to launch new series of NVRs with AI and IoT capabilities

City of Industry, Ca

Hikvision claims a big leap forward with the new NVR 5 series Image courtesy of Hikvision USA

Hikvision is about to release its new NVR 5.0 Series, a next generation network video recording line up which seamlessly integrates artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (AIoT) capabilities.

"Our new next generation NVR 5.0 Series sets new benchmarks in network video recording technology," said John Xiao, Vice President of Marketing, Hikvision USA. "With its intuitive operations, smart search capabilities, and centralised alarm management, the new Hikvision NVR 5.0 Series empowers users with unprecedented intelligence, efficiency and control over their video systems."

The NVR 5.0 Series NVRs serve as a pivotal central hub, offering an intelligent platform and scenario-based applications, ushering in the AIoT era. These next-generation NVRs are designed to provide users with unparalleled efficiency, innovation, and ease of use. The five pivotal benefits of the new NVR 5.0 Series include:

Intuitive operations for real-time insights: Complex management interfaces become a thing of the past as the NVR 5.0 Series includes a user-friendly interface with tailored views and automated switching, providing real-time clarity and ease of understanding.

Video search with smart technologies: The NVR 5.0 Series introduces Smart Search and Acusearch functions, significantly reducing search times to mere seconds. Features include frame-by-frame searches, event-based navigation, and target-specific filtering, enhancing operational efficiency.

Centralised alarm management for immediate response: The integrated event centre of the NVR 5.0 Series NVRs streamlines alarm management, search, and configuration, enabling rapid and effective responses to security incidents.

Intelligent protection: The NVR 5.0 Series self-learning perimeter protection promises to minimize false alarms and manual input, ensuring smarter and more accurate surveillance with its embedded inference engine.

Converged functions for comprehensive control:  A unified solution for video, audio, alarm, and access control with the NVR 5.0 Series.

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