HID's real-world transformative solutions at ISC West

Austin, Tx

At ISC West HID displays highlighted the growing appeal of a mobile-first, touchless access experience.

As the ISC West event returned to its traditional spring slot for the first time in two years in Las Vegas, HID was there to exhibit some of the technologies that have helped people safely return to work, school and other activities while making these access experiences touchless and more convenient.

“We are excited to return here as we enter a ‘next normal’ that increasingly depends on mobile innovations using trusted identity technologies,” said Stacey Donahue, SVP Marketing and Communications, HID Global prior to the show. “We will be exhibiting solutions that enabled our customers to support the more flexible, multi-location, and hybrid work styles that have emerged since the pandemic began. We also will be highlighting cloud-based secure ID card issuance, touchless access models, and the more seamless and intuitive interactions with building features and amenities that improve daily life.”

Displays highlighted the growing appeal of a mobile-first, touchless access experience, including solutions for contactless access to buildings such as employee badges and Student IDs in the Apple Wallet. HID will also demonstrate multi-factor authentication solutions that extend Zero Trust security across the physical and digital worlds, and inkjet and retransfer printers with new features for issuing and personalising physical ID cards.

Exhibit details included:

Employee Badges in the Apple Wallet – Includes the HID Origo cloud platform deployed by Silverstein Properties to enable contactless access to its 7 World Trade Center office building using employee badges in the Apple Wallet. Also on display are HID Signo readers used in the deployment, that supports HID Mobile Access software.

Zero Trust Security – HID will show how identity is the new perimeter in today’s hybrid physical and digital workplace. Products include HID Crescendo converged smart cards and keys for passwordless authentication, HID Digitalpersona multi-factor authentication software, and cloud-based credential management for employees, visitors, contractors, and vendors.

ID Card Printing and Personalisation – Includes the HID Fargo HDP6600, marketed as the industry's fastest printer, with new data protection and durability features, as well as simple and affordable inkjet options. Also on display will be HID Fargo Connect, HID’s cloud-based secure issuance solution incorporating the latest new cost-saving integrations with university One Card and other trusted access control solutions.


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