Gunshot detection launches reseller programme in Vegas

Bilings, Mt

Shot Tracer, an innovator in high-performance, affordably-priced gunshot detection solutions, will be launching a new reseller recruitment programme at ISC West 2019 with a highly attractive on-boarding proposition for qualified dealers.

Qualifying resellers can receive a Gunshot Simulator Kit to be used for demonstrations when they commit to becoming a Shot Tracer dealer.

Shot Tracer’s Eagle Gunshot Detection System is advanced yet simple and it easily integrates with virtually any security, alarm, surveillance and access system via contact closure – or wirelessly via IP integration.  In fact, Shot Tracer gunshot detection sensors are as easy to install as a smoke detector, so there’s virtually no learning curve for installing dealers.

Additionally, Shot Tracer Eagle is designed for independent operation, eliminating the need for expensive servers or call centres. Resellers will also find that Shot Tracer Eagle provides a highly-profitable new source of revenue earning up to 35% profit on every sensor installed with the potential for additional Recurring Monthly Revenue (RMR)..

“Our new reseller recruitment programme provides security dealers with a very aggressive proposition with an easy point of entry,” said Allan Overcast, CEO and President of Shot Tracer Technologies. “As active shooter incidents continue to increase, security professionals across public and private sectors are challenged with the task of providing the most effective and cost-efficient means of protecting people, property and physical assets. Shot Tracer’s proven technology provides the means to do so, while providing resellers with a profitable yet easy way to cultivate new business opportunities.”

Shot Tracer’s innovative Eagle Gunshot Detection System features field-proven technology initially developed for law enforcement and military use employing advanced sensors (not microphones) to detect gunshots. Shot Tracer Eagle also provides critical data such as the number of shots fired, along with one of the largest detection footprints per sensor available.


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