Expanded Coldstore suite debuts in Vegas

Prestwick, UK and Las Vegas, Nv (USA)

At ISC West next month in Las Vegas, Veracity will be demonstrating its expanded suite of Coldstore solutions, from the new Coldstore 2U delivering 112Tb of video storage in a compact rack-mounted space up to the Coldstore Colossus, the 4U, 45-bay, 630Tb video storage solution.

The Coldstore family, according to Veracity, offers unique benefits including a 10x increase in hard disk life and power savings of 90%+. In fact Colossus, with 630Tb and 45 disks, consumes less than 80W of power. The company believes this gives the Coldstore range not only enviable performance benefits but also a compelling total cost of ownership case not available with other video storage solutions, especially for longer retention periods.

Coldstore has patented technology designed specifically for sequential and continuous recording of video surveillance channels. As a result, many of the common operational issues with some standard storage systems, such as long disk rebuild times, high power consumption, excess heat and reduced disk life, are eliminated. Also on display at ISC West will be the Coldstore Pro 3U, 210Tb unit that uses only 0.3W per Terabyte. Visitors will learn about Coldstore’s new embedded NVR functions and the ability to record from camera direct to Coldstore through ONVIF compatibility or using embedded Coldstream code in open platform cameras, such as Axis and Hanwha. Over 100 channels can be supported, at 4Mbps per channel.

Additionally, Veracity will also be demonstrating Viewscape, the integrated and open command and control solution and the full integration of Coldstore with Hanwha Techwin’s Wisenet Wave will be on show on both the Veracity and Hanwha Techwin booth. Wisenet Wave is an IP Video management platform that allows users to create IP video surveillance solutions tailored to any type of project, usable by anyone and on any device. It is simple to setup and use, and when integrated with Coldstore is able to deliver an impressive suite of features with all the benefits of Coldstore’s long-term video retention capabilities.

Veracity operates in the USA from its office in Dallas, Texas.


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