Eagle Eye launches new LPR feature

Austin, Tx

Eagle Eye Networks has just launched Eagle Eye LPR (license plate recognition), which uses artificial intelligence (AI) in a true cloud-based system designed for high accuracy in all kinds of challenging conditions. Eagle Eye LPR operates on readily available security cameras making it affordable and practical for today’s business owners.

“We’re seeing increased demand for LPR/ANPR for security and business optimisation. Eagle Eye LPR is designed to be easy to deploy and manage, and it does not require the purchase of special cameras,” said Dean Drako, CEO of Eagle Eye Networks. “Our industry-leading AI not only provides high accuracy, the Eagle Eye cloud LPR is continuously improved to support new license plates and increase accuracy.”

Powered by Eagle Eye Networks industry-leading AI and analytics, Eagle Eye LPR works with the Eagle Eye Networks Vehicle Surveillance Package (VSP) to enable seamless monitoring of vehicles across multiple locations.

Eagle Eye Networks supports many manufacturers’ LPR products including cameras. Eagle Eye Networks operates an open system giving customers choice. The Eagle Eye Cloud VMS will continue to support camera and other LPR technologies.

The Eagle Eye LPR works securely with nearly any IP or other camera and it is affordable, as it does not require specialty cameras, onsite hardware or onsite maintenance. Eagle Eye’s AI offers industry-leading accuracy even for non-standard license plates and in challenging lighting and environmental conditions and the system provides flexibility. The open API design approach makes it suitable for unlimited integrations with other technology partners.

The system is also scalable, so users can manage and add locations, cameras, features with the click of a button and the AI LPR is continually improved to support newer license plates, and all Eagle Eye development innovations are instantly delivered to customers via the cloud.  Support for the technology covers a broad geographical space including, North America, Mexico, EU, UK, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia.

The Eagle Eye LPR can be utilised in various applications such as smart parking, corporate offices, healthcare and education, neighbourhood safety, critical infrastructure restaurants, retail, hospitality and more.

“With Eagle Eye LPR, there’s no major hardware swap or installation, you can use existing cameras,” said Lon Bazelais, president of Grid Squared Systems, an Eagle Eye Networks certified security systems integrator based in New York City. “They have made it super easy for us and for our clients. Eagle Eye license plate recognition removes the hassle and expense of LPR systems. Now, Eagle Eye LPR will allow us to enter new vertical markets, notably parking facilities, which is a huge opportunity for us in New York City. We’re also excited to bring this advanced technology to our existing clients who want to add LPR to their current security systems.”

Brian West, President of Parkngo in Dayton, Ohio who is using Eagle Eye LPR to modernise their overall security posture, added “we’re seriously streamlining parking operations and improving the experience for customers at the same time. With Eagle Eye LPR, our customers can enter and exit the lot without even rolling down their windows. Their prepaid parking reservation is automatically applied and the experience is just short of magical. We’re impressed with the high accuracy of the Eagle Eye LPR—their artificial intelligence (AI) makes the difference—and it is so simple for our employees to use. The total cost of ownership is reduced as the solution works with a low-cost ONVIF camera, and the managed service from Eagle Eye assures me of continuous upgrades and support.”


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