Dallmeier highlights new innovative camera's versatility

Regensburg, Germany

Dallmeier is marketing its latest camera innovation, the Domera, as "Probably the most versatile camera in the world" and will be demonstrating its features and benefits to explain this philosophy in a webinar this week. 

On Tuesday, 26 April 2022, Dallmeier electronic will host a 45-minute webinar entitled "Domera - "Probably the most versatile camera in the world: features, benefits, demo". 

The newly launched Domera series from Dallmeier has been designed to offer its users a unique combination of AI Edge-Analytics, adaptive external lighting and motorised three-axis adjustment.

Therefore, according to the company, these dome cameras convince not only with an impressively high image quality but also with a minimum of time required for configuration and readjustment.

In addition, installers are able to gain a competitive advantage in terms of inventory costs, as Dalleier claims that with this line, they can potentially provide more than 300 different camera variants for 90% of all video applications, due to Domera's modular concept of only 18 components.


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