Critical infrastructure drives latest CNL upgrade

Camberley, Surrey

The latest release of Ipsecuritycenter V5.7 from CNL Software includes many feature enhancements that increase performance and reduce operational response times in large-scale, multi-sited and mission critical deployments. These improvements also benefit those in the transportation, corporate security and public safety markets.

This latest release improves CNL Software’s unique ability to manage across multiple SOCs & GSOCs, keeping in the entire operation in harmony using enterprise wide visualisation to support the overall security mission for critical infrastructure and large-scale government homeland security programmes.

““We continue to invest heavily in developing the features that customers, partners and industry leaders inspire us to create” commented Simon Knightley, CTO at CNL Software. “We listen to our customers and understand what is important to them. Their ideas help us to innovate new ways to support them in making the GSOC a faster and more effective hub for all mission critical security and life safety related activity. They want their control rooms to see more, act faster and collaborate better throughout the whole organisation, which we help them to achieve using Ipsecuritycenter V5.7.”

The company maintains that the V5.7 release differentiates CNL Software from other PSIM vendors and establishes Ipsecuritycenter as the first choice PSIM solution for large scale, Government security programmes, critical infrastructure and facilities protection.

Some of the main enhancements within the release include support for greater control over large scale federated solutions, driving tightly managed GSOC operations; faster access to historic alarm data with fewer clicks and rapid access to video from remote locations; ensuring leverage of the latest developments in video-technology and multi-thread processing for faster and more scalable solutions.

GDPR ready - Enhancements ensure that Ipsecuritycenter is ready for the most demanding compliance processes, with security features such two-factor authentication to ensure there are no unauthorised changes to the system.


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