Convergint launches unified Enterprise level assessment programme

Schaumburg, Il

In response to increasing physical and cyber security threats globally, Convergint–a global leader in service-based systems integration–today announced the launch of its Enterprise Security Risk Management (ESRM) Site Assessment Program for organisations including schools, hospitals, and government—among others. The programme aims to proactively and comprehensively address potential security risks and vulnerabilities for critical facilities nationwide, to ensure a safer environment.

Convergint’s ESRM Site Assessment Program focuses on identifying potential threats to people, physical and intellectual property, financial well-being, brand, and reputation—as entities face a volatile and risk-filled operational landscape. By evaluating key elements of facilities’ security plans, including perimeter enforcement, access control, surveillance systems, and emergency response protocol, Convergint’s team of vertical market experts can provide actionable recommendations to immediately enhance safety measures that meet the unique needs of each organisation through the implementation of emerging tech—all in one customised, unified security plan.

Convergint’s ESRM Site Assessment Program leverages the company’s more than 20 years of deep knowledge and expertise in the various mission-critical sectors it serves, from education, financial and healthcare, to utilities, data centers, and state and federal governments. This allows Convergint to offer unique and in-depth insights, as well as industry-dedicated resources to identify and address complex security issues and potential risks, demonstrating the company’s commitment to providing innovative security solutions that meet the evolving needs of organisations around the globe.

“We’re proud to launch the ESRM Site Assessment Program and proactively help organisations reduce security incidents and improve response times. Security threats are continuously evolving, and staying one step ahead is critical to safety,” said Joe Morone, Vice President, Sales Operations, Convergint. “The purpose of our ESRM Site Assessment is to empower organisations in any industry with the data they need to keep people, assets, and information safe, as well as improve business and brand competitiveness.”


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