Combined multi-biometrics & technology bring 3-way solution

City of Industry, Ca

Hikvision has further enhanced the capabilities of its video security and access control solutions using multi-modal biometrics to address a trifecta of access control, health safety, and workforce management applications. When combined, these solutions deliver unmatched performance and value for end users.

At the core of these comprehensive offerings lies Hikvision’s Value Series Minmoe multi-modal biometrics reader. The versatile Minmoe reader provides access control, video intercom, and video security capabilities in a single, sleek device. Multiple authentication modes, including facial authentication, PIN code, and traditional key fob allow for higher levels of security. Registered users can use one of these methods to enter the building, while visitors can communicate with authorised staff using the intercom function. This multi-modal biometric device effectively eliminates the need for redundant security measures and costs associated with administering credentials, delivering even greater added value.

“Today’s modern workplaces are changing, and we are finding that more customers are rejecting the idea of single-function systems in favour of budget-friendly, multi-tasking solutions,” said John Xiao, Vice President of Marketing, Hikvision USA. “That is what we have created here with the Minmoe reader, which uses multi-modal biometrics to accomplish more than just one thing. In this way, an affordable product adds even greater value by keeping upfront and recurring costs low.”

When it comes to workforce management, Hikvision’s Minmoe reader offers a wide range of scheduling rules and attendance reports that also integrate with multiple third-party systems. The multi-modal biometric solution ensures rapid and highly-accurate attendance is achieved with multiple identity verification technologies. Furthermore, the Minmoe reader works with Hikvision’s video management system (VMS), Hikcentral, to connect employee check-in data with management and human resources for even more time and attendance accuracy assurance.

The Minmoe Reader also has the option for a customised solution using a touch-free health questionnaire with visitor badge printing capability. Mask detection and temperature screening solutions are available from Hikvision for additional health-safety applications.


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