BCD Video partners to improve surveillance offering

Calabasas, Ca

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise and BCD Video have partnered with the aim of simplifying the deployment of surveillance networks. The two companies have co-developed the BCD Video Provisioning Assistant Application. BCD Video is working with ALE to deliver more comprehensive networking and security solutions enabling integrators to deliver network configuration more effectively to businesses of all types.

The new application tool provides pre-defined configurations eliminating the need for high level video surveillance networking knowledge. The BCD Video Provisioning Assistant app takes the complexity out of setting up the network and provides security integrators with benefits like faster configuration and lower manpower requirements that add to customer satisfaction and profitability of the deployment.

“The BCD Video Provisioning Assistant empowers security integrators with an innovative and powerful tool to rapidly and repeatedly deploy video optimised networks. The Provisioning Assistant provides a level of efficiency and security to video surveillance networks that previously required time consuming and complex configurations. This optimisation process is now simplified for any security integrator to deploy,” indicated Darren Giacomini, BCD Video’s Director of Advanced Systems Architecture and co-creator of the application.

Based on the Alcatel-Lucent Omniswitch and Alcatel-Lucent Omnivista portfolios, the application automates discovery and deployment of layer 2 and layer 3 networking. This enables cameras to be assigned IP addresses automatically, removing the potential error associated with manual intervention, while also delivering the high availability and performance necessary for a surveillance network. The Provisioning Assistant app ensures technicians correctly set up network configuration the first time, minimizing the cost of additional follow ups or truck rolls for adjustments.

With the application, staff can lockdown a switch - adding to network security - via a simple slide control called the Learned Port Security (LPS) feature. This prevents individuals from adding rogue devices to the network. In addition, the application makes it easy to replace switches on the network. If a problem occurs, replacement switches can be given the same configuration and be up and running in the time it takes to connect the cables. Thanks to Shortest Path Bridging (SPB), the video network is always available, on, and recording.

“Together with BCD Video, ALE is changing the way businesses approach video surveillance deployment. With the Provisioning Assistant app we deliver a level of provisioning that allows IT administration to scale resources and ensures the network is set up correctly from the start”, said Stephan Robineau, ALE Network Business Division Executive Vice President.


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