Arecont improves low light performance with STELLAR

Glendale, Ca

The latest STELLAR technology from Arecont Vision has been engineered to dramatically increases low light performance to capture colour images in near total darkness.
“Arecont Vision continues to develop new technologies and products that provide unique solutions to address challenging security imaging applications," said Dr. Sri Rama Prasanna Pavani, VP of Engineering, Arecont Vision.  “Our new STELLAR technology includes patent pending algorithms as well as sensor and optical improvements that enhance low light sensitivity and performance of megapixel cameras."

STELLAR technology, or Spatio Temporal Low Light Architecture will initially be available in Arecont Vision’s Megadome 2 all-in-one megapixel cameras. Performance features include extreme light sensitivity, spatio temporal noise reduction, adaptive contrast enhancement and motion blur reduction, as well as a low bit rate to conserve valuable bandwidth and storage space. 

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