3xlogic presents latest facial recognition at PSA TEC

Denver, Co

At PSA TEC starting today in Denver, 3xlogic will be featuring the company's recently-released, facial recognition camera.

The Visix facial recognition camera is a special purpose, low cost, dual lens 2MP camera for instant face detection, identification, and notification of persons of interest (POI). Using camera-based analytics, users can review captured facial images and choose POI to place on a watch list.

At the show, 3xlogic will also showcase the company's role as a founding company in PSA’s new MSSP programme. PSA has partnered with industry-leading solutions providers to bring cloud-based cyber security services, video management, remote video monitoring, and access control solutions to systems integrators as part of a comprehensive programme.

Finally, visitors will have the opportunity to talk to 3xlogic staff about evolving plans for the new Vigil 11 Server software. Vigil Server is the heart of the Vigil Suite. With many advanced features, recording video can be custom-tailored to each and every individual project.


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