3xlogic demonstrates Trends at NRF Protect

Westminster, Co

3xlogic is showcasing its AI-enhanced Trends Business Intelligence software among a wide array of innovations for the retail market, this week at the NRF Protect show.

3xlogic Trends is designed to meet the needs of medium to large multi-site enterprises. The software provides actionable intelligence from the massive amount of dark data available from devices such as sensors, cameras, time/attendance systems, access control devices, ATMs, point of sale, and other analytical tools. With Trends, real time visual indicators provide valuable information about all aspects of business operation performance; with intuitive icons, graphs, and images that can be configured specifically to meet the end user’s needs. Trends also lets an end user track and improve metrics to optimise the success of their business in areas that include people development, operational performance and efficiency, intrusion data monitoring, and financial activity.

Trends generates reports that are completely customisable and present information in a way that fits the organisation’s operational goals. The Panda Restaurant Group has achieved impressive results after rolling out Trends to their 1960 locations across the US.

Artificial Intelligence is here and unfortunately, it can be quite hard to distinguish between the hype and the true cutting-edge technology. To better understand what one should expect from an AI solution, it helps to distinguish between the basic types of AI, because it is actually very difficult to define the exact boundaries of AI. Over the last year, 3xlogic has been working with its Digital Accelerator Lab to define those boundaries and to incorporate their years of Artificial Intelligence expertise into the newest version of Trends.


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