VSS creates market niche for pre-configured solutions

Buffalo Grove, Il

Max Burgess, General Manager, Video Storage Solutions

A new company, Video Storage Solutions (VSS) has been launched to provide Milestone’s systems integration community with pre-engineered video recording and storage appliances, via authorised EMEA based distributors.

The wide range of solutions within the VSS catalogue include IP video recording servers, storage and network architecture.  Launched in 2019, Video Storage Solutions (VSS) is part of the BCD International brand of companies and supplies pre-engineered video appliances offered exclusively through authorised security distributors.

“There are large numbers of system integrators across EMEA who are Milestone’s partners and who regularly need to design or install video surveillance systems which require robust, fit for purpose recording and storage solutions,” said Max Burgess, General Manager of VSS.

“Our objective is to provide a one-stop-shop for purpose-built, performance driven and feature rich appliances which are integrated with Milestone Systems Xprotect and which are able to withstand the taxing video data write load of systems that have high number camera counts.

“Most important, when system integrators source pre-engineered and validated VSS appliances from one of our authorised distributors, they can have peace of mind in knowing that our product engineering team has certified the bandwidth capabilities of each appliance and that where applicable, they feature Storage Accelerator, a state-of-the-art storage accelerator for Milestone Appliances, which significantly increases storage scalability, performance and reliability.”


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