Viisights partners with Guardsman for the Caribbean

New York, NY and Kingston, Jamaica

Analytical auto-detection of violent behaviour

Viisights, Inc is collaborating with Guardsman Group, a leader in security services for homes and businesses, to provide AI-powered behaviour recognition video analytics to effectively enhance real-time event recognition and automated reporting in Jamaica and throughout the Caribbean.

“We are excited to engage with a leader in security services in the Caribbean region, and to implement our proven, highly effective behavioural recognition video analytics solutions to help improve security and safety,” said Asaf Birenzvieg, CEO, Viisights. “Continuing growth and development in the region highlights the need for safe and secure working and living environments. Now is the right time to implement advanced pre-emptive solutions for physical security and safety that will detect suspicious behaviours in real time and trigger an immediate appropriate response.”

The Guardsman Group stands on over 40 years of experience, and consists of 13 companies with more than seven thousand staffers in the region. The partnership will allow Guardsman companies to incorporate Viisights analytics into their offerings, including advanced weapons detection, violence detection, threat detection, loitering detection, and personal and environmental safety monitoring. Guardsman companies plan to offer improved services to current business and residential customers, as well as to expand into new markets including ports, hospitals, and banks, among others.

Viisights’ unique video understanding technology utilises deep neural networks to analyse video streams from existing video camera systems to automatically detect developing safety and security risks and raise near real-time alarms. The early notification of impending and real-time behavioural events of interest enables responders to take faster action, effectively reducing or eliminating negative outcomes from potentially threatening or harmful events.


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