Vigitron explains the importance of a future proof power source

San Diego, Ca

Cameras, access control, and LED lighting devices are rapidly moving towards using IEEE 802.3bt as their PoE standard for high PoE applications.  Here Vigitron explains the development of the PoE technology and the importance of keeping up to speed with the new standards.

The IEEE 802.3bt includes 8 Classes of PoE up to 90W. During the time this standard was under development, some security products required more power than the existing standards of IEEE 802.3af (15.4W) and IEEE 802.3at (30W) could provide.

This led to the use of none standard types of PoE, such as UPoE which was adopted by most manufacturers, as it was based on the existing IEEE 802.3at.

Now the problem, according to Vigitron, is an incompatibility between UPoE and IEEE 802.3bt. Therefore, if a PoE source provides the required power level it may not assure that it will be able to power your connected device.

Vigitron is able to offer a solution, regardless of the PoE type.  Vigitron’s IEEE 802.3bt devices are compatible with all IEEE 802.3bt and virtually all UPoE-powered devices, providing a universal solution and taking the confusion out of selecting the correct PoE source for an application.

In addition to this, different types of cables present different challenges to PoE transmission, and Vigitron offers a solution for all cable types for different applications.


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