Vigitron establishes virtual training channel

San Diego, Ca

Vigitron Inc, a leading manufacturer of network solutions for security applications has established a Youtube channel for the further education of networking for security applications.

“Since the inception of our IP/PoE products division ten years ago, Vigitron has been devoted to providing education on the unique aspects of network design for security applications", stated Neil Heller, Vigitron’s Vice President of Business Development.

“We recently conducted a series of eight webinars covering differences and considerations in network application and design for networks used to transmit and power IP cameras, access control, wireless and LED security lighting. This is part of Vigitron’s continuing commitment to education.”  He explained.

In addition to Youtube, there are several other sites that contain Vigitron related videos. Interested parties can view all eight webinars or select an individual webinar. In addition, Vigitron is planning future video presentations.


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