Viakoo named cool vendor by Gartner

Mountain View, Ca

Viakoo, a leader in IoT device remediation, has been included in the list of Cool Vendors based on the September 2021 Gartner report titled “Cool Vendors in Cyber-Physical Systems Security: Novel Approaches Enter the Scene” by analysts Katell Thielemann, Ruggero Contu, and Wam Voster.

According to the report’s key findings, “Security and risk management (SRM) leaders who fail to expand their risk lens beyond IT-centric concerns will be blindsided when operational and mission-critical assets are disabled and they are blamed. Successful security approaches for CPS mirror the features and behaviours of the cyber-physical environments in which they operate.”

IoT systems provide an attack surface for bad actors to gain a foothold into critical operational devices, networks, applications, and sensitive organisational data across the enterprise. Currently serving and protecting some of the world’s largest multi-national organisations, the company’s flagship Viakoo Action Platform automatically indexes and assesses IoT devices and implements security fixes via firmware, password enforcement, and zero-day certificates, at enterprise scale. The platform delivers remediation and repatriation of IoT devices, enabling them to join or rejoin as a full network citizen replete with an audit trail for governance and compliance.

“Viakoo's vision is for every enterprise IoT device to be 100 percent visible, operational, and secured,” said Bud Broomhead, CEO, Viakoo. “We believe our inclusion as a 2021 Cool Vendor by Gartner after such a short time on the market is a testament to how effectively we meet our customers’ goals to secure, remediate, and repatriate the devices currently in use across various industries.”


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