Vanderbilt & Comnet launch online learning resource

Wiesbaden, Germany

Acre brands Vanderbilt and Comnet have released an Online Events and Learning resource in response to the current postponement of tradeshow events amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Outlining what visitors to the Online Events and Learning page can expect, Ross Wilks, Head of Marketing Communications, explains: “Our commitment is to make the customer’s security journey the best possible experience and that is what this Online Events and Learning page primarily focuses on. By taking a customer-first approach, we aim to highlight all of our customer-first value adds, such as our free online training services, multilingual customer service support, and free product demonstrations.

“On top of this, we will also be hosting a series of webinars based on some of our most innovative solutions. These will be delivered by our in-house experts and will be a great opportunity for our customers to engage directly with some of the top minds behind these products in our company.”

Award-winning products

The Online Events and Learning approach by Vanderbilt and ComNet will include detailed and engaging webinars on Vanderbilt’s award-winning products, such as cloud-based solutions ACT365 and SPC Connect, plus intrusion system SPC and access control system ACT Pro.

ACT Pro is a product that has continued to evolve based on customer requirements from the field, with its latest features including a “best-in-class” rules mapping engine and PoE Ultra controllers, plus Bluetooth readers and Biometric fingerprint readers that were recently added to the portfolio.

“Our drive to become all-around solution companies has seen us harness numerous tools to complement a buyer’s journey from start to finish," Wilks said. "One prominent aspect of this strategy, which visitors to our Online Events and Learning page can also explore for themselves, is our webshop platform. This value-add has been available to our customers for less than a year, but already it has proved to pack a considerable punch in bringing about customer satisfaction to our base."

The webshop, accessed through Vanderbilt’s main website, presents a simplified, intuitive interface that makes it easy to navigate and use. How-to videos assist with any questions that may arise, and an improved product hierarchy and centralised asset management system (AMS) ensure all support materials are relevant and up to date.

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