US false alarm problems discussed at virtual roundtable debate

Addison, Tx

Parks Associates has partnered with Ubiety Technologies to host the virtual session “New Era of Security: Scaling AVS-01 through Innovation & Leadership", featuring leaders from Rapid Response Monitoring, ADT, Johnson Controls, and Brinks Home.

This virtual roundtable, hosted on LinkedIn Live, featured Parks Associates research from interviews with law enforcement agencies and dispatchers about their response to security alarms and technologies and processes that can help streamline operations.

A recent white paper from Parks Associates, “Next-Gen Professional Monitoring: Scaling Verification,” released in partnership with Ubiety, notes that fatigue from false alarms has caused many police departments to deprioritise home security alarms. For example, average response times to security alarms in the New Orleans police department increased by 186% from 2019 to 2022.

“The security industry has a false alarm problem, and it’s costing everyone – homeowners, law enforcement, and the industry itself,” said Keith Puckett, Co-Founder and CEO, Ubiety Technologies. “While innovative technologies are critical, we also desperately need an overhaul of the standards that define and regulate alarm systems. That’s where AVS-01 comes in. As an industry, we need to develop scalable and automated solutions to support the mass implementation of this new standard.”

Session speakers included:

Morgan Hertel, VP, Technology & Innovation, Rapid Response Monitoring

Greg Mora, Executive Director, Johnson Controls

Veronica Moturi, SVP, Customer Experience, Brinks Home

Keith Puckett, Co-Founder and CEO, Ubiety Technologies

Don Young, EVP and Chief Operating Officer, ADT

Moderated by Jennifer Kent, Ph.D., Vice President, Research, Parks Associates, the live roundtable presented expert insights on the role of technology to provide swift, accurate responses in the security industry. The session addressed how security players can implement new technologies, processes, partnerships, and marketing resources to put AVS-01 into action and educate law enforcement partners on the standard.

“AVS-01 and the ability to prioritise alarms are critical topics to better understand,” Kent said. “As police resources are more and more strained, it is upon the industry to leverage all available technologies and embrace the AVS 01 standard. This incredible group of industry executives are highlighting views on AVS-01 and the process for implementation.”


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