Thermal imaging catches criminals in the act

Charlotte, NC

3xlogic thermal camera technology, combined with Sonitrol monitoring expertise has resulted in one satisfied customer catching the bad guys before they ever got in the store.

3xlogic recounts the events based on the live video that was witnessed by Sonitrol and the responding police force.

In late August, a Sonitrol Carolinas monitoring station operator received a verified alarm that unauthorised personnel were on the roof attempting to break into Hyatt Coin and Gun in Charlotte, NC. 

The alarm came via an array of 3xlogic thermal sensors installed at the location. The combination of thermal detection, Sonitrol’s monitoring prowess, and a verified alarm resulted in the dispatch of Charlotte police to the scene in less than two minutes from the first alarm. Over the next hour, the Sonitrol operator, in cooperation with owner Larry Hyatt, monitored live video of the perpetrator(s) and provided responding police units with real time information as they arrived at the scene within 10 minutes of dispatch.

The Sonitrol operator sent the Charlotte police dispatcher actual footage of the incident as it unfolded. In less than one hour after initial alarm, police had at least one suspect in custody and there had been no successful breach of the store’s perimeter.

As Larry Hyatt put it, “I don’t want a picture of the guy that broke into my store, I want to catch the guy.” Job well done.


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