The end of the line for Sanyo CCTV

Munich, Germany

In a letter from the president, Sanyo Electric products are advising their customers that the company is about to make a complete withdrawal from the video surveillance market.
The official confirmation from Sanyo Electric explains that the organisation will officially cease to exist from 31st March 2012, but that production actually ceased already back in July 2011. The companyn will be taking orders for remaining stocks until the end of March. Their distribution partners are advising their clients that as a result there will obviously be no future stock replenishments when their current inventory of the brand sells out.

According to the statement Sanyo have advised that they will continue to honour their warranty repairs and service obligations, and that they will issue details of how this will be managed in the near future. The market withdrawal actually covers everything from TVs, microwaves and projectors as well as CCTV equipment.

The Sanyo line has been a good quality and a moderately priced range of surveillance equipment but since the company was acquired by Panasonic two years ago, in 2009, there has always been the question amongst industry insiders as to how the brand would be marketed in the future, if at all. It seems this question is about to be answered.

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