Tagmaster wins further tender for US metro project

Stockholm, Sweden

Tagmaster, a leading supplier of advanced sensor systems for Smart Cities within traffic and rail, has, through its subsdiary Balogh SA, received an order for an American metro project.

Balogh is one of the real pioneers in the RFID technology and was founded in 1958. Balogh today has offices for development and production in Paris, in Toulouse and in Normandie and works within the two RFID segments of rail and access/security (traffic).

The order comprises the new product range of MOS200/OMS201 (SIL4) products that have been finalised since Tagmaster acquired the company. SIL4 (Safety Integrity Level) is the highest level of risk reduction that can be obtained through a Safety Instrumented Function/System.

Prior to this order Balogh has also begun deliveries of this product range to another American project and recently to a European project. This second American order gives a strong reference for future orders. The products will be delivered during the first half of 2020 and the total order value is approximately € 300,000.The customer is one of the major global actors in signaling systems.

”Tagmaster has earlier expressed its enthusiasm for the Balogh acquisition and these orders confirm that our ambition that, together with Balogh, becoming a stronger supplier within rail solutions is materialising. We together have a wider product offering and we will together become one of the leading actors in train signaling” says Jonas Svensson, CEO, Tagmaster.


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