Tagmaster expands on Safe City solution in Newcastle

Stockholm, Sweden and Newcastle, UK

Tagmaster, a leading supplier of advanced sensor systems for Smart Cities, has through its subsidiary CA Traffic Ltd received an order on extension for a Smart City solution in Newcastle in northern England. The order comprises both ANPR products and traffic management software.

The order is an extension to an existing structure that has been in place since 2013 and is an important part of the Newcastle Smart City development project. The order includes both ANPR products from Tagmaster subsidiaries CA Traffic and Citysync, and an extension of the CA Traffic Catalyst management software that manage all the ANPR cameras in Newcastle.

Newcastle is one of the most developed and advanced cities in UK when it comes to Smart City solutions. Data from multiple sensor sources in the city are used to implement a number of strategies/algorithms, out of which many are fully automated, to achieve the key aims of reducing travel times, improving air quality and keeping the public fully informed in order to encourage visitors to the region.

All ANPR products are part of the standard assortment and will be delivered during 2018.

”Tagmaster has earlier expressed its enthusiasm for the product portfolio that we, after the acquisition of CA Traffic, can offer the market. This order confirms our ambition to become the leading Smart City solution provider in the UK. We will during the next 12 months launch a number of hardware and software innovations within our ANPR product segment. This will together with our enlarged sales force, help us to increase our market share significantly”, says Jonas Svensson, CEO, Tagmaster.


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