Saferwatch & Motorola combine to protect Super Bowl

Miami, Fl

Saferwatch, a mobile application that allows citizens to report crimes, suspicious activity and potential threats via smartphone, and Motorola Solutions recently teamed up to operate as public safety partners for the Super Bowl at the beginning of February.

Saferwatch was the Official Safety App of the 2020 Miami Super Bowl Host Committee and was used by approximately 10,000 staff and volunteers during the big game and ancillary events in Miami-Dade County. Saferwatch technology has been integrated with Motorola Solutions’ Commandcentral Aware software as part of a proof of concept to provide the app with additional capability to provide law enforcement with real-time reports of suspicious activity and potential threats reported by fans, residents and visitors during the game and the events leading up to it.

“Saferwatch and Motorola Solutions are committed to providing law enforcement and first responders with the cutting-edge technology, tools and information they need to help keep the public safe,” said Geno Roefaro, CEO of Saferwatch. “Teaming up for football’s big event is a great example of how the two technologies can work seamlessly together to provide first responders with real-time visuals of exactly where issues may be occurring, ultimately helping to anticipate criminal activity.”

The Saferwatch app, available to the public as a free download on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, allows users to report incidents as they see them happening by submitting photos, videos and text messages. Suspicious activity reported on Saferwatch during the game and related events will appear in a simple, intuitive map-based interface, which is part of the Commandcentral Aware solution.

Motorola Solutions’ CommandCentral Aware software combines public safety voice, data and video information into a single, integrated view to enhance situational awareness in mission-critical situations. As Saferwatch tips are submitted, the reported location and information will appear in Commandcentral Aware. Public safety analysts will be able to view tip details and any supporting pictures or videos from the tip submitter. Analysts will have the detailed information they need to share actionable intelligence with public safety staff at the events.

“This proof of concept will demonstrate how multiple information sources can be integrated in the Commandcentral Aware platform to provide law enforcement with aggregated location-based information to increase their situational awareness and help them keep communities safe,” said Andrew Sinclair, senior vice president and general manager, Software Enterprise, Motorola Solutions.

According to the company, implementing Saferwatch in communities, schools and at large events has led to the disruption and prevention of many serious incidents and crimes, including shooting threats, sex offenders, drugs, guns, burglaries, domestic violence and missing persons cases. Saferwatch has also been responsible for helping to prevent multiple suicides and potential school shootings.


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