RTS Total Solution in the spotlight at CES 2022

Taipei, Taiwan

Interviewed by US local media during CES 2022

CES 2022, one of the most influential tech events across the globe, recently closed its doors for 2022 in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. At the event, RT Stream International (RTS), received the honorary Innovation Award, for having developed and presented its F-series body worn camera and Mobile Emergency Response system. The company was proud to be one of the MIT (made in Taiwan) companies recognised for this award and as a result received a great deal of attention during the fair, launching RTS into the spotlight and helping them to enter the US and other international markets.

When RTS was chosen as a finalist for the Innovation Award at CES 2022, the company received an invitation from the Taiwan Tech Arena (TTA) to attend the exhibition with the support from the Taiwanese government. Although the Covid epidemic is still spreading around the globe, as CES CEO Gary Shapiro said, “Without risk, there is no innovation.” RTS took the chance and went to make its first appearance at this renowned event this year.

Since its establishment, RTS has been continually pursuing technological breakthroughs and innovation. In the field of overall mobile media solutions, RTS has been a leader and offers solutions for various professional applications; these achievements according to the company have been ahead of the competition. The company believes that the reason for this is that it insists on independent development under a  “100% Designed & Made in Taiwan” principle; RTS commits to making quality products with advanced features to fulfil most requirements. All of these strong beliefs and strict self-discipline have been the drivers pushing RTS to become what it is today.

Though there are many similar “Body worn camera” products on the market today, RTS has its own Icommander Platform - a system platform tailor-made - for the F-series to power the product with rich yet unique features. Apart from this, all the software and hardware that the F-series uses are designed and developed by the RTS team based in Taiwan.  This means that RTS is in high R&D autonomy in design and manufacturing to answer the comprehensive requirements that come from leads and clients around the world.

At the CES 2022 fair, according to RTS, many of the visitors were impressed with the size and functions of the F-series body worn camera. They were surprised on how the small F-series body worn camera can sustainably work for hours. Further, the full functions of the mobile emergency response platform, Icommander, when demonstrated, also received massive attention and brought in several on-site interviews by many US local media. The publicity driven by the showcases and the interviews at the event, revealed many interested potential clients and partnerships, especially as the company is expecting future product launches to include AI technology.


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