Protecting cities from complex threats

Chicago, Il

Convergint Technologies and Concentric Security have created a partnership to help cities navigate difficult challenges and ultimately protect citizens.

Few argue the importance of creating safer cities, entertainment districts, and overall protecting citizens from outside threats. Unfortunately, very few understand how to navigate the complexities associated with achieving this goal.

People know the what—protecting citizens against vehicular terrorism—but get stuck on the how. When city planners begin the research and planning process many can find the process overwhelming. There is a lot of unknown factors and solutions that can make this process challenging and this is where the Convergint Technologies and Concentric Security partnership aims to help cities navigate these difficulties and ultimately protect citizens.

The combination of the electronic and physical elements must seamlessly integrate the detection, delay, and response functions of a cities security system.

Physical barrier use cases

The first example of an entry control point is a stadium. Concentric Security provides solutions like bollards and vehicle barriers that are physical delay mechanisms. These solutions must be engineered and programmed according to the security operations plan. Because of that, the access control systems, video surveillance system, employee/visitor badging, reporting/monitoring, and other detection elements must be tied back to the security operations centre (SOC) by Convergint Technologies. The security engineering team of both companies work closely together to ensure the final system matches the security operations and mission of that specific facility.

Another example is the entertainment district in a city centre. Bollards and other physical barriers protect guests against vehicular attack. The electronic security elements include video analytics that are mapped to both the protected and unprotected sides of the barrier arrays on the streets. Each element is important to not only protecting citizens but also establishing an investigative chain-of-custody if there is an incident.

The partnering companies help to seamlessly bridge this divide and help city officials leverage a collective security integration experience, and guide security teams through every aspect of creating a safer city and protecting citizens against vehicular terrorism.


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