ONSSI returns to ASIS with new vigor

Dallas, Tx

Armed with an aggressive development of its VMS technology, an infusion of investment capital and expanded global reach driven by an influx of new experienced employees, ONSSI returned to ASIS in Dallas this year newly energised.  

“Technology-driven companies need to reboot every so often and re-evaluate how their evolving and new solutions meet the pain points of their customers, as well as identify future opportunities for new business development,” said Gadi Piran, President and CTO, ONSSI. “2016 was a year of self-reflection at ONSSI, and as a result we have implemented several aggressive initiatives over the last several months that are already showing results.”

With an initial capital investment of a $16-million private placement from Seacoast Capital, ONSSI has quickly moved to expand its sales and support team across the U.S. with the appointment of several seasoned industry professionals in recent weeks alone.

ONSSI also continues to evolve Ocularis since replacing the VMS solution’s recorder in 2015. The latest enhancements to Ocularis will include: new Smart Camera Drivers for Dahua and Panasonic cameras for immediate support for all new cameras without the need to wait for individual camera drivers or driver packs; dewarping support for Panasonic cameras; H.265 support for Axis cameras with the Ocularis Smart Camera Driver; automatic configuration of Ocularis Base upon Recorder changes; new System Status tab in Ocularis Administrator for monitoring the system’s health, new playback mode for a faster review of alarm recordings in Ocularis Client; and more.

“ONSSI is truly re-energised with new technologies, additional personnel, and an expanded solution roadmap that will enable us to integrate Ocularis and new software solutions beyond traditional security ecosystems to address users’ logistics and business intelligence needs,” continued Mr. Piran.


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