New three-way partnership benefits financial sector

Schaumburg, Il

Convergint has partnered with Genetec to offer Axis Powered by Genetec an enterprise-grade access control solution that combines Synergis access control software with Axis network door controllers in an easy-to-deploy solution that goes beyond traditional integrations.

Banks and credit unions are responsible for safeguarding their customers’ financial assets, and ensuring their safety and security is paramount. To achieve this goal, financial institutions need a comprehensive and reliable security solution that can protect their premises and assets against threats such as theft, fraud, and vandalism. Axis Powered by Genetec is an ideal solution for banks and credit unions looking to enhance their security measures and mitigate risks.

Axis Powered by Genetec combines the latest in hardware and software innovation, making it a highly scalable, flexible, and easy-to-deploy system that enables financial institutions to manage their access control systems with ease. This industry-first solution is designed with advanced access control features that are continuously updated with the newest improvements and cyber security enhancements. The solution also enables financial institutions to manage access control across multiple branches, allowing them to ensure consistent security across their entire organisation.

Axis Powered by Genetec presents an offer of unparalleled features and capabilities, including:

  • Easy to deploy and maintain - The combination of hardware and software in one unit simplifies the installation process and reduces maintenance. And, according to the company, the switch over to Axis Powered by Genetec is quicker than an average access control installation. This quick and easy deployment benefits financial institutions by reducing overall installation and maintenance cost.
  • Enterprise-grade solution - This innovative solution has the complete set of Synergis features pre-loaded directly within the unit, providing you with enterprise-grade capabilities. It enhances the Axis network door controllers with built-in cyber security features and continuously updates the units with the latest features and cyber security enhancements at both hardware and software levels.
  • Extensive flexibility and adaptability - Having the software already loaded onto the hardware means installations are faster and maintenance easier. The unit has several installation options, such as with or without casing, and is stackable within a cabinet for the Powered by Genetec A1214. This provides more installation flexibility in environments with limited space. The units also have a plenum rating, meaning they can be installed in a ceiling without fear of a fire hazard.
  • Intelligence to the edge - Axis Powered by Genetec helps bring the intelligence of Synergis closer to the door, making the delivery of business logic to customers, faster. Customers will also benefit from the same level of functionality even when the network is temporarily down. Its containerised architecture makes the most of computing power on the edge, allowing clients to optimise security and business operations daily.


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