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Stockholm, Sweden and Montreal, Canada

Live webinar next week takes an in-depth look at airport security

On June 24, at 14:00 Central European time, in co-operation with Genetec, is hosting a live online discussion with a specific focus on Airport Security & Intelligent Technology.

Analytics expert Florian Matusek from Genetec will meet up with Niklas Kronberg, Security Manager at Angelholm Airport in Sweden and Nikolai Berglund from the Swedish security integrator IP Security.

They will discuss the security challenges for small airports and how intelligent systems can be utilised and how they can contribute to a secure and effective environment.

The discussion will also cover how the technology can contribute to a reduced risk of spreading COVID-19.

The moderator for the discussion is Lennart Alexandrie, publisher, AR Media International.

"Airports security and intelligent security systems  is a good match and I look very much forward to listen to the three experts, that represent different stages in the supply chain.  What are the challenges and how can intelligent systems be utilised in airports. How can analytic driven technology meet the challenges and offer efficiency and security in this special environment?"

Attendees will have an opportunity to gain a better understanding of trends in the security industry, and discover innovative and actionable ways to modernise an organisation; learn about how other organisations are navigating their challenges; and, share best practices amongst peers.

Interested parties should register for the event to reserve a spot. Do it here.


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