Integrated eco-systems help keep cities safe

Chicago, Il and Yonkers, NY

Public safety agencies across North America are investing in Motorola Solutions’  integrated mission-critical technology ecosystem to reduce crime and improve emergency response within their communities. Among the most recent is Yonkers, N.Y., which is deploying a real-time crime centre, cloud-based software, body-worn cameras and fixed video security with advanced analytics to better understand what is happening across the city and improve community collaboration and overall safety.

“These new technologies, along with our land mobile radio network, will help us to understand and respond more quickly and efficiently to the needs of our community,” said John Mueller, police commissioner for Yonkers Police Department. “We know the public plays a vital role in community safety, and we’re particularly excited about new software that will allow our citizens to be more actively involved by sharing tips directly with our police department. This technology from Motorola Solutions will maximize the time and effectiveness of our officers and the role of our residents, who are one of our most important sources of information.”

Yonkers selected Motorola Solutions for its expertise in integrating mission-critical technologies designed for public safety. Video security and access control solutions help users identify and understand events, find lost people and protect property. Command centre software informs and accelerates emergency response by unifying data across the 9-1-1 workflow, including call handling, dispatch, video analytics, field reporting, records, evidence and community input. Voice and data communications connect law enforcement, fire and EMS from different agencies and jurisdictions for greater coordination and collaboration. End-to-end system integration of these technologies removes data silos, streamlines workflows and provides a stronger operating picture, enabling agencies to detect, analyse, communicate and respond to incidents, even while they unfold.

“Yonkers Police Department and other agencies across the country know communities are safer when technologies and people work together, and they are investing in smarter solutions,” said Mahesh Saptharishi, senior vice president and chief technology officer, Motorola Solutions. “Our integrated technology ecosystem brings transparency, speed and data to policing and emergency response, helps agencies use their public resources more efficiently and facilitates greater collaboration with the community. These agencies are building what will become a model for safe cities in the future.”


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