HID selected for Libya's first e-passport programme

Austin, Tx (USA)

Libya’s first diplomatic and special e-passport programme has been deployed by HID, as the company was selected to supply Libya’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) with its HID Integrale, a secure end-to-end solution that expedites the application and issuance processes and manages the entire e-passport lifecycle. For improved security, the redesigned and modernised booklets include a durable polycarbonate datapage and are personalised using new laser engraving and chip encryption equipment.

HID Global designed, engineered and delivered the identity solution to the Libyan government in four months, even amid travel restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

“We are pleased that our collaboration with HID Global has yielded a robust and complete e-passport system that we have seamlessly integrated with our existing processes,” said Mohamed Elkoni with Libya’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. “HID’s identity document expertise, the delivery of the solution in record time against the current restrictive backdrop, and ongoing technical support has greatly simplified the implementation of our new systems.”

To ensure compliance with ICAO standards, HID Integrale’s public key infrastructure (PKI) service creates and manages Libya’s Country Signing Certification Authority (CSCA) keys and certificates to sign personalised e-documents and enable verification. By implementing the PKI service, Libya can connect with the ICAO Public Key Directory, which enables the global use of their new e-passports and the potential for future security enhancements, such as biometrics. In addition, the solution’s web-based platform makes it possible for HID engineers to efficiently train the ministry’s staff as part of HID Integrale’s customer support package.

“A successful migration to an e-passport system requires a solution that enhances each touchpoint of the user experience, from application to travel,” said Craig Sandness, Senior Vice President and Head of Secure Issuance and Citizen ID Solutions with HID Global. “By opting for HID’s Integrale software suite, the Libyan government has created a solid and future-proof foundation to issue diplomatic and special e-passports.”


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