Cyber security simulation centre to open in Virginia

Austin, Tx and Virginia Beach, Va

Adi Dar, CEO, Cyberbit

Cyberbit Ltd and the Institute for Cyber security at Regent University, an academic centre and training facility dedicated to equipping the next generation of cyber security professionals in industry, government, military and academia, are opening the Regent Cyber Range in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Powered by the Cyberbit Range platform, this hands-on cyber security training and simulation centre is one of the first such operating facilities at a private university. The Regent Cyber Range will equip a progressive cyber workforce with the capabilities to detect, investigate and respond rapidly to complex incidents across IT and industrial control networks.

In addition to training students at the university, the Regent Cyber Range will also serve as a leading training hub for businesses, government and military organisations, offering several certificate programmes (Cisco, CompTIA, (ISC)2 ) as well as customisation capabilities to meet every industry need.

"Simulation training is proven to be the most effective way to master a new skill," said Cyberbit CEO, Adi Dar. "We are proud to partner with Regent University in their pioneering effort to advance the state of cyber security by developing a highly skilled workforce that can detect advanced threats and respond effectively to any kind of cyber incident across IT and OT (Operational Technology) networks."

“We are delighted to open one of the largest cyber range training centres in the nation and among the first at a private university,” said Regent’s Chancellor and CEO, Dr. M.G. “Pat” Robertson. “As threats escalate in complexity and sophistication, we are pleased to provide comprehensive training to regional and national businesses, government and military organisations as well as provide undergraduates and graduates with the degree resources to succeed as highly skilled cyber security professionals.”

Reports indicate that cyber security is one of the fastest growing career fields, with demand expected to rise to six million jobs globally in 2019 and a projected shortfall of employees for 1.5 million job openings. Recognising the nation’s need for thousands of additional cyber security experts to defend government and commercial networks from cyber attacks, Regent University partnered with Cyberbit to help cyber security practitioners obtain the highest level of skills needed for careers in cyber security.

Leveraging Cyberbit’s cyber security training and simulation platform, the Regent Cyber Range will enable seasoned veterans and novice practitioners to gain hands on experience, exposing them to various attack scenarios and security breaches to improve their skills.

The Cyberbit Range can simulate any network architecture and traffic, allowing trainees to practice defending their exact network with the same tools ensuring they are prepared to handle any threat. The platform offers numerous security tools and systems, including risk assessment tools, monitoring systems, security information and event management systems, forensic tools and supporting databases, as well as other network, security and cyber components.

For its students, Regent University offers a Master of Science in Cyber security, as well as undergraduate degrees in Information Systems Technology, Computer Science, Cyber  Digital Forensics and Cyber security.


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